Red Hat Ceph Storage 2: the affordable storage solution for your business

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Red-Hat-Ceph-Storage-2-the-affordable-storage-solution-for-your-business-300x129 Red Hat Ceph Storage 2: the affordable storage solution for your businessRed Hat Ceph Storage 2 is the latest product release from Red Hat as a successor to its Red Hat Ceph which is an open source, scalable software-defined Cloud storage system. Ceph 2 is a POSIT-amenable file system using Ceph Storage Cluster to store data with a support of CephFS. This version comes with a new proficiencies to enhance workload storage, ease of use and object storage.

The ceph allows you to run software-defined storage to a petabyte and further on COTS (commercial off-the –shelf) hardware. It can be used with the OpenStack IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) cloud shared file system. It also has superior competencies and strong compatibility with Industry-Standard API’s.

New global object storage cluster, Improved Security, enhanced Amazon S3 and OpenStack Object Storage compatibility are new features of the Ceph storage 2. Ceph deployment and operational management are simplified with the new Red Hat Storage Console 2, said the company in a statement.

Red Hat will be announcing the newest open source storage solutions including the Red Hat Ceph storage 2 at the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, next week. It is expected that the storage solution you need for your business is scheduled to be available this summer.