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RefurbishedNote 7 To Hit The Market

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RefurbishedNote-7-To-Hit-The-Market-300x129 RefurbishedNote 7 To Hit The MarketAccording to a report in order to avoid environmental costs and minimize profit damage, Samsung will be selling the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The report also mentioned that the company would reduce the original capacity i.e 3500mAh. Samsung may also consider selling the product in South Korea prior to the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 however, the product will be sold in emerging markets like India, Vietnam and more. The division involved will be completing the refurbishing process by the end of May and as early as June the product will be on sale. The refurbished phone is expected to have a 3000mAh or 3200mAh battery. The cases will be new whereas the core components will be the same.


According to Samsung out of the 3.06 million devices distributed in the market, 98 percent were been called back. About 2.5 million units were on standby and 200,000 units were used to detect the cause of the fire. The company will also be exemptedfrom paying the fine for the environmental damages if they sell the refurbished product. The company will be fined if the remaining devices were not disposed of properly said the South Korean Government previously. However, the tech giant has mentioned in a comment that there is actually no issue with the handset and only the faulty batteries were to be blamed for the fiasco.