Regions Bank to implement IBM’s Watson AI to improve its Customer Service


Regions-Bank-to-implement-IBM’s-Watson-AI-to-improve-its-Customer-Service Regions Bank to implement IBM’s Watson AI to improve its Customer ServiceRegions Bank, a Birmingham, Alabama-based bank and financial services corporation, as per recent reports last week, has chosen IBM, for its artificial intelligence (AI) tech, to modernize the customer service experience, along with assisting bankers in their day-to-day work.

Regions Bank will be implementing IBM’s Watson Assistant, in its contact centers in its bid to provide a rich and friendly interface environment to both customers and employees. IBM’s Watson Assistant will be complementing Regions’ Banker Assist, empowering bankers with the needed guidance and support to better handle customer inquiries.

According to the Birmingham-based bank, a good over 700 professionals rely on Watson to resolve customer issues. Moreover, the Watson Assistant is apt at quickly answering inquiries by Regions customers, inquiries such as updating personal information and navigating the bank’s website.

In the near future, Watson will also be trained on other tasks, such as tone analysis of the customers to decide if or not the customer needs to be transferred to a live agent.

“At Regions, we are investing in technology to make banking easier for our customers and to recruit and retain talented associates,” states Chris Brasher, head of bank operations for Regions Bank. “IBM Watson’s automated intelligence is an important tool that allows us to operate more effectively by understanding customer needs. We are identifying additional use cases for this technology as part of our focus on continuous improvement across the company.”