RelayOne Receives USD 500,000 In Seed Funding Round For Surgical Scheduling Information

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RelayOne_Receives-USD-500000-In-Seed-Funding-Round-For-Surgical-Scheduling-Information RelayOne Receives USD 500,000 In Seed Funding Round For Surgical Scheduling InformationRelayOne, a Durham, North Carolina-based secure system provider for the health system, has secured USD 500,000 in a seed funding round to improve surgical scheduling communication. The funding round was led by Cofounders Capital, a Cary, North Carolina-based tech-focused venture fund. As a secure system for both healthcare providers and approved vendors, RelayOne is focused on solving communication issues in the operating room.

According to the company, the crux of the problem is that surgeries can often take a longer or shorter time than expected, meaning that the operating room schedule is subject to frequent changes. Those schedule changes need to be communicated to a lot of people, and it’s easy for those people to fall through the cracks. In contrast, RelayOne has developed a secure software platform that spreads the scheduling information to all the germane stakeholders instantly, as well as it works with EHRs and is designed to be HIPAA-compliant. The secure software platform is also designed to be easy to use. In a statement, RelayOne founder and CEO Cam Sexton stated that RelayOne has developed the software, but will now use the new funding to launch it. Specifically, the company has contracts lined up with two large health systems.

According to Sexton, “We designed RelayOne knowing that for hospitals, bringing in new software can be a painful experience.” He further added that “We created a solution and applied our unique combination of healthcare sales and consumer app experience to build a platform that’s easy to use and drastically improves hospital operations.”