Report: The United States Lead In Blockchain-Related Job Offerings Worldwide


Report_The-United-States-Lead-In-Blockchain-Related-Job-Offerings-Worldwide Report: The United States Lead In Blockchain-Related Job Offerings WorldwideAccording to the study report, the United States is leading the world in Blockchain-related jobs. Surveyed by The Next Web, the report collected insights from Glassdoor, a job, and recruiting site, finding all the jobs offerings in countries worldwide. As per the findings, the report illustrated that the U.S. is leading the world in terms of Blockchain-related jobs, leading with nearly half, 2,616, of the total listing of 5,711 Blockchain jobs on Glassdoor across the globe. After the U.S., the United Kingdom comes at the second place, with 1,015 Blockchain-related job ads, followed by India, with 257 vacancies.

The report revealed that Blockchain Engineer takes the lead among the most common jobs posted on the site; including Senior Software Engineer and Blockchain Developer are the second and third most popular job titles, respectively. The report also covered the companies based on their Blockchain-related vacancies, where tech firm IBM purportedly offers the largest number of Blockchain-related jobs, followed by Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young and Oracle, a software company. On the growing demand of Blockchain engineers, recruitment company Hired reported in February that the rate is growing by 517 percent year-over-year. With 132 percent growth, security engineer is the second-fastest growing software engineering role, while embedded engineer comes at third place, with 76 percent. In the same month, analysts and industry specialists pointed out that the adoption of blockchain technology is still in its early stages. Though enterprise Blockchain technology has found its practical use, its new applications are not large scale.

On the same note, the 2018 United States Emerging Jobs report by LinkedIn highlighted December last year that the role of Blockchain developer recorded an increase of 33 times in the past 12 months. The most emerging jobs in that year included Artificial Intelligence specialists, in which 6 out of 15 jobs are related in some way to AI.