Research Organization Verily Brings A New Baseline Health System Consortium For Healthcare Researchers

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Research_Organization-Verily-Brings-A-New-Baseline-Health-System-Consortium-For-Healthcare-Researchers Research Organization Verily Brings A New Baseline Health System Consortium For Healthcare ResearchersVerily, an Alphabet Inc.’s research organization devoted to the study of life sciences has reportedly launched a new Project Baseline initiative, the Baseline Health System Consortium. For its initiative, Verily, Duke University Health System, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, Regional Health in South Dakota and the University of Pittsburgh are involved. Back in 2017, Verily had introduced Project Baseline with the Project Baseline Health Study, aimed at developing the technology and tools for researchers to create a more comprehensive map of human health.

The Baseline Health System Consortium through this collaboration will make out and develop solutions to considerable challenges in clinical research, counting making research more accessible and engaging for patients, researchers, clinicians, and research sponsors as well. The consortium partners, which is united for a vision of transforming clinical research, will roll out a pilot in 2019 to assess existing research programs, and utilize tools and technology developed through Project Baseline, including the Baseline Platform, an end-to-end evidence generation platform to make it quicker and easier to conduct studies, capture health information in a more efficient way and produce healthier evidence to support scientific discovery.

Former FDA commissioner and advisor, Verily, Robert Califf said that “The clinical research system fails to provide the evidence that patients and clinicians need to make good health and healthcare decisions.” According to him, “By developing useful tools and approaches, this robust collaboration has the potential to drive more efficient and effective research as we link patients, advocacy groups, clinicians, health systems and researchers.” Moreover, the consortium partners sit at the consecution of clinical research and clinical care and are exclusively positioned to assist Verily keep moving ahead on its technology to bridge the gap between research and care and further precision medicine.