Researchers At The University Of California Propose Blockchain-Powered System For Clinical Data

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Researchers_At-The-University-Of-California-Propose-Blockchain-Powered-System-For-Clinical-Data Researchers At The University Of California Propose Blockchain-Powered System For Clinical DataThe team of researchers from the University of California has proposed a Blockchain-based system to share medical data. The researchers have built a Blockchain-enabled system to advance the traceability and immutability of gathered clinical data, and to make it more reliable. The system also designed to improve techniques for reporting adverse events throughout the research and advance medical record management.

The developers, during the trail, reportedly introduced a web-based portal easy to get to all participants with a real clinical trial dataset that facilitated the communication between patients and clinical examiner. Moreover, the researchers examined malicious attacks to data integrity with real-world medical records. After the transaction was done, all associated data was recorded onto a new block and then combined together and muddled by utilizing the SHA256 algorithm, as reports added. It further described that data storage of the Blockchain will be achieved by duplicating and distributing the chain to manually-separated machines and data warehouses to be managed by the regulator. The Blockchain system enables users to make an update by submitting a new transaction with the corrected data without overwriting previous data if they want to modify existing information or correct a mistake.

Today, Blockchain technology has already been deployed into several healthcare organizations. In this move, IBM teamed up with Boehringer Ingelheim, a pharmaceutical company earlier this month, to test Blockchain in clinical recordkeeping. Furthermore, Blockchain-based tech firm Bitfury also collaborated with Blockchain marketplace Medical Diagnostic Web and run on the technology Longenesis to develop a Blockchain-powered platform for sharing, maintain, and protecting medical imaging and diagnostics insights, including X-rays and CT scans.