Researchers who Developed AI with a Sixth Sense

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Researchers-_who_-Developed-_AI_-with_-a-_Sixth_-Sense-300x225 Researchers who Developed AI with a Sixth Sense
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• AI can see dead people

Yes, now there is a technology out to actually have the ability to tell the difference between through iris scans from living and dead people with 99 per cent accuracy. Now, this has made iris scans more common method of biometric identification similar to the fingerprint used to unlock an iPhone. Meaning that this new machine learning algorithm can potentially become a futuristic crime-fighting tool to stop bad performers from stealing personal information from the dead.

• Uber hitting the 10 billion mark
Despite all the criticism on how Uber pays drivers and the practices of former CEO Travis Kalanick, the ride company hit a milestone of 10 billion trips and deliveries of 173 rides in 21 countries all at 10:12 p.m. GMT, that day to push Uber’s total rides to the top. The company’s main U.S. competitor- Lyft, later went on announcing that it had hit 500 million trips in October 2017.

• Internet speeds impact 4,000 MILES
We see cities and counties across the country installing fibre-optic cable to help increase Internet speed and access. It seems that its impacts on climate change aren’t in the government’s mind. According to a recent study presented, a rise in sea levels with more than 4,000 miles of fibre to be underwater in 15 years. This will affect the connectivity for residents living along the coasts. The study hopes that the findings will be a wake-up call to ensure our ability to communicate online doesn’t deteriorate by 2033.