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Responsibilities Shuffled in ANZ Banking Group

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Responsibilities-Shuffled-in-ANZ-Banking-Group-300x129 Responsibilities Shuffled in ANZ Banking GroupThe ANZ Banking Group has taken the prospect to reorganize its senior technology-focused role responsibilities as the COO Alister Currie set to depart later this year. Deputy CEO Graham Hodges will take on Group Hubs, Group Property and Enterprise Services responsibilities, ANZ CIO Scott Collary will answer to chief executive Shayne Elliott, deputy CEO Graham Hodges will take on Group Hubs. Overseeing both hubs and enterprise services under Hodges the current COO for Enterprise Services Craig Sims to take on the role of group general manager of Operations and Services. Current general manager for Transformation Projects Nigel Dobson will be appointed to Wholesale Digital Strategy and Payments Transformation.


In 2011 October Alister Currie took on the COO role at the ANZ alongside the CIO role due to the departure of Anne Weatherston in 2014 till Collary was appointed in November. Among the four big banks to embrace Apple Pay from Australia ANZ was one and the first to embrace Android Pay in the recent months. Elliot said, in order to continue the progress it has made on the technology front the new structure will help. The Hogan System from CSC will suffice for the near term which the bank has been using quite some years now.