Revasum’s key end market drivers: EVs, 5G, & IoT

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Revasum’s_key_end_market_drivers_EVs_5G__IoT Revasum’s key end market drivers: EVs, 5G, & IoTRevasum builds a portfolio of precision solutions that are integral to the manufacturing of semiconductor wafers. The company’s portfolio includes – polishers, grinders and chemical-mechanical planarization (“CMP”) systems for both Silicon (Si) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafers.

Revasum’s key end market drivers include: Electric vehicles; the rollout of 5G; and connected devices and the rise of the Internet of Things (“IoT”)

Revasum has a very experienced management team led by Jerry Cutini and Ryan Benton, who have 60+ years of combined experience in the semiconductor and finance industry. Jerry has completed multiple M&A transactions in the semiconductor space and has overseen two successful IPO’s on the NASDAQ. Ryan is currently a non-executive director and Audit Committee Chairman of Pivotal Systems.

Revasum has a strong pipeline of future products including, a 200mm CMP system, a 300mm CMP system, and a SiC polishing tool. The company works closely with its customers on its product initiatives and are developed to meet their needs. As such, there is already pent-up demand for Revasums next generation products.

Revasum takes pre-orders on its machines. As per its prospectus, the company has over $21.6 million of purchases in hand with a total sales pipeline of $74.7 million post 30 June 2018.

Traditionally semiconductor chips have been built on Silicon wafers. However, as technology has advanced Silicon Carbide (SiC) has become more attractive due to its superior physical properties. Also, Tesla verified the understanding that SiC will be a more popular choice of wafers used in Electric Vehicles (EVs). Revasum is one of the leading players in SiC processing and is well positioned to capitalize on the increased market adoption of SiC.

Also, Revasum has a well-defined and laid out cost-out strategy within the business.