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Reverse Image search might be a boon in disguise

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Reverse-Image-search-might-be-a-boon-in-disguise-300x129 Reverse Image search might be a boon in disguiseChoosing an image and then searching for that image on searching engines to find it on other websites is known as Reverse Image searching. Thanks to services like TinyEye and Google Images the Reverse Image search is simple and free. Because of the browser extension of these two, it’s a breeze searching images, all you have to do is right-click on any image and select Reverse Image search.


The main reason to Reverse Image search is to authenticate the image. For websites who upload press release and copyright photographs online, it is certain that the image is going to be re-used. Where it is used is what Reverse Image search is going to tell you. Then the author can decide if it is legal or action should be taken.


The reverse Image search disclose a lot of valuable data and information that couldn’t have been found through text searches such as Is it genuine? How much does it actually worth? How old is it?  Reverse Image search may enlighten you about the misuse of you image in some context that you don’t like or they might be using some of your bandwidths by linking the image on your website.