Rhizabot, A Virtual Assistance For Analytics From Rhiza

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Rhizabot-A-Virtual-Assistance-For-Analytics-From-Rhiza-300x129 Rhizabot, A Virtual Assistance For Analytics From RhizaRhizabot, an intelligent virtual assistant for business users was announced by Rhiza. Rhiza is an online platform innovative in making Big Data business ready for salespeople and marketers. This product allows users to ask business related questions and get them answered with the help of a voice assistance just like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. With the powerful data analytics engine, the Rhizabot tool is incorporated with artificial intelligence and natural language processing. With current business intelligence building data, quarries is a complex process. Specialists with knowledge of quarry language or the knowledge of data in order to set the right filters.


Multiple massive databases and a proprietary algorithm are used by the Rhizabot to answer questions in seconds after it converts the vocal conversational questions into quarries. Amazon’s Alexa, Android and Google Chrome currently support the Rhizabot and the company is looking forward to extending the support to Cortana and Siri soon. Rhizabot uses the voter registration data from L2, consumer behavior data from Nelson and point of sale data from HIS Polk. The tool is data skeptical and can work with a wide verity of commercial and enterprise data like Google analytics, Consumer survey, CRM etc.