Ride-Hailing Startup Via Expands Its Services In South America

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Ride-Hailing_Startup-Via-Expands-Its-Services-In-South-America Ride-Hailing Startup Via Expands Its Services In South AmericaVia, a transportation network and real-time ridesharing company, has expanded its services into South America. Backed by Daimler, a German automotive company, Via launched a service, named CityBus 2.0, in Goiânia, Brazil, together with HP Transportes Coletivos that is one of Brazil’s largest public transportation operators.

According to the company, its service CityBus 2.0 is the first on-demand shuttle system operated by a public transit operator to initiate in Latin America. With this service, users are able to request a ride through its app in 11 districts across the city. Via’s service features a fleet of 14-seater Mercedes-Benz vans, handling over 3,500 trips every day. For the service in the city, the company employs 30 drivers. The company said that its CityBus 2.0 app has downloaded by 15,000 people in the first week of service. As several on-demand ridesharing services usually process payments through the app, the New York-based Via allows cash transactions with some transit agency partners. The company has 50 deployments around the 15 countries, along with consumer-facing shuttles in Chicago, Washington, D.C. and New York.

Via also facilitates its services in collaboration with cities and transportation authorities and providing access to the clients to their platform for deploying their own shuttles. The company, last month, announced that it was teaming up with Los Angeles as part of a pilot program which will provide folks ride to three busy public transit stations.