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Robocall Strike Force Joined By Google, AT&T, Apple And Others

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Robocall-Strike-Force-Joined-By-Google-ATT-Apple-And-Others-300x129 Robocall Strike Force Joined By Google, AT&T, Apple And OthersThe meeting of a strike force which is designed to combat robocalls was joined by the representatives from Google, Verizon, AT&T, Apple, Nokia and other tech companies in Washington DC this Friday. As consumers complain about the telemarketing calls more than anything to the FCC (Federal Communication Commission). Some 33 companies attended the meeting which was called by the FCC.


A “do not call” registry is been managed by the Federal Trade Commission and companies within the communication ecosystem offer few remedies. Call blocking apps are available for Android and iPhone users can block numbers. In an opening statement Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T said in an opening statement that to address this issue is going to require more than one-off apps and individual company initiatives. The whole ecosystem such as manufacturer, carrier, network designers, OS developers will have to work together in order to really resolve this issue.


The group who attended the meeting was expected to report back on 19 October to the FCC on its progress as each company ensured a task and taking certain steps like confirming to VOIP caller ID verification while they evaluate and made available the feasibility of a “Do Not Originate” list.