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ROCm, An AMD Software Tool

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ROCm-An-AMD-Software-Tool-300x129 ROCm, An AMD Software ToolThe upcoming GPU from AMD will bring the company back into the high-performance servers. The desire to manufacture high-performance GPUs for systems like that has been expressed by the company. A signature reentry and a powerful server will be the result of the combination. After bad product decision, the company has virtually no presence in the market. In order for the software to be installed and written on those servers, the AMD is doing some background work. ROCm, the latest version of product tool has been released by the company. This tool will help in writing and compiling parallel programs for its CPUs and GPUs. The tool is targeted at high-performance computing applications. For AMD’s re-entry to the fast developing data center market, ROCm is the key. While AMD’s GPUs are high-flying in the virtual reality systems, game consoles and PCs the ROCm will manage the large-scale servers.


Unlike Nvidia’s CUDA, ROCm is a low-level open source programming framework hence it can work with wide range of CPU architectures such as ARM, x86, and Power. GPUs in the most top supercomputers are from Nvidia and AMD has a negligible presence beyond servers in the market. It is expected that the ROCm tool will help the company to gain some market share in this perspective.