Rosetta Stone Uncovers Augmented Reality and Machine Learning-based iPhone App That Transforms Language Learning

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Rosetta-Stone-Uncovers-Augmented_Reality-and-Machine-Learning-based-iPhone-App-That-Transforms-Language-Learning Rosetta Stone Uncovers Augmented Reality and Machine Learning-based iPhone App That Transforms Language LearningVirginia-based and the leader technology-based learning solutions, Rosetta Stone Inc. declared the release of its new iPhone app that leverages Augmented Reality and Machine Learning to engage language learners in 30 languages. The new app develops Rosetta Stone’s immersion-based learning method, Dynamic Immersion®, to mimic a real-life immersive experience by encompassing the learner with new words, phrases, and native speakers’ language.

With the launch of this new app, Rosetta Stone has become the first language learning app to practice object recognition technology to assist users to gain new vocabulary, grammar, and speaking abilities with objects in their daily experiences. The new app for iPhone is now available in the iTunes App Store with 30 percent off of a one-year subscription, prices starting at just USD 7 per month, by 31st January 2019.

The new Rosetta Stone iPhone app features,

Seek & Speak – Using object-recognition technology that embraces AR, Seek & Speak changes everyday objects into conversation practice with scavenger hunt-style challenges. Seek & Speak allows users to point their phone’s camera at an object and get a translation in their native language, and then practice conversation utilizing the newly received vocabulary with Rosetta Stone’s proprietary speech recognition engine, TrueAccent®. Phrasebook – The newest version of Rosetta Stone’s Phrasebook teaches language learners how to speak valuable phrases, with more than 164 phrases over 8 categories. Phrasebook, ideal for voyagers, features native speakers saying everyday phrases that are useful in general circumstances like meeting people, dining out, and staying in a hotel. Phrasebook works offline, so users don’t require an international data plan to speak confidently while traveling overseas.

It also features, Embedded Translations – Rosetta Stone Inc. also has introduced embedded translations for responding to user feedback. This feature is now available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German, and will expand to more languages throughout 2019. TruAccent® Speech Recognition Engine – This new app for iPhone features the latest version of Rosetta Stone’s patented speech recognition technology, TruAccent® that utilizes Machine Learning to assist users to improve their articulation while learning any of Rosetta Stone’s 30 languages. This latest feature guarantees users match their language’s intonation more precisely than ever before. Rather than other language learning apps, TruAccent® utilizes thousands of hours of recorded speech data to educate its established statistical models on sound patterns and grammar found in natural languages.