RSRCHXchange acquired by Liquidnet


RSRCHXchange-acquired-by-Liquidnet RSRCHXchange acquired by LiquidnetLiquidnet, a New York, NY-based global institutional investment network, as per recent reports, has announced the acquisition of RSRCHXchange, a London-based marketplace and aggregator for institutional research. With this acquisition, Liquidnet aims to bring in a new level of institutional research and analytics into the global investment process.

Furthermore, the acquisition of RSRCHXchange will ensure the Liquinet’s investment team has direct access to the relevant and actionable insights through the Liquidnet platform.

Earlier, in 2017, Liquidnet acquired OTAS Technologies, following that the NY-based company has focused much of its attention on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technology for analytics. On combining RSRCHXchange’s technology, research, and distribution with Liquidnet’s analytics platform, the company will be in a position to help asset managers in the way they source, access, evaluate, and act on data and insights.

“This acquisition brings the worlds of investment research and alternative data together in a fundamentally new approach to alpha creation. We can now support our member firms across the entire investment spectrum — from idea to implementation,” states Brian Conroy, president of Liquidnet.

The London-based research aggregator’s research marketplace and distribution network are apt at digitizing massive amounts of content and providing a centralized, cloud-based hub that by allowing providers to deliver the kind of research needed, and asset managers to efficiently source it, helps them both alike.

The RSRCHX platform, being launched in 2015, utilizes analytics to personalize individual user experience and optimize content discovery, streamline workflows around investment research and lightens fund managers’ burden via new regulations such as MiFID II.