Rugged QSBolt Recorder Rides Paint Can Shaker at Army Aviation Summit


Video and data recorder — already proven on fighter jets and drones — now smaller and faster.

3_1-2 Rugged QSBolt Recorder Rides Paint Can Shaker at Army Aviation SummitNASHVILLE, Tenn., April 11, 2019 — Digital Design Corporation wanted to demonstrate how its new QSBolt data and video recorder can capture high-speed data in extreme working environments with zero dropped frames. While talking about how previous models of the VAADRQuicksilver line of ruggedized drives already fly on drones, fighter jets and the space station might impress a casual observer, it knew the real power of simply showing the latest smaller, light-weight version of the drive in action. So, it strapped it to a paint can shaker.

During the AAAA Summit in Nashville, DDC will put the construction and performance of its QSBolt to the test at booth 2021 with the help of a handy industrial-grade paint can shaker. It hopes to give attendees a rough idea of how this sturdy, solid-state drive can rely on its shock-resistant design to capture mission-critical data in unstable conditions. DDC already holds a proven track record for the reliability of its rugged drives — as they’re deployed in fighter jets, UAVs, ground vehicles and other military aircraft all over the world. In fact, on a recent launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, two DDC VAADR recorders made the long journey to the International Space Station, recording extensive ongoing sensor data, transported to the ground in bursts.

3_1-2 Rugged QSBolt Recorder Rides Paint Can Shaker at Army Aviation Summit

High-profile clients trust DDC to provide more than durability in a video and data recorder. The QSBolt’s remarkable volume of 45.5 cubic inches makes it one of the smallest, lightest recorders on the market. Additionally, it can capture massive RAW, compressed or compressed-lossless imagery, as well as associated meta-data and other critical data faster than previous models via a built-in, high-bandwidth network interface, enabling the DVR to perform sustained, reliable recording and guaranteeing zero dropped frames. Plus, the small, light-weight design and versatile interface options (including USB 2.0/3.0, CameraLink, HOTLink) makes this high-capacity drive easier to integrate than earlier successful models. And, like all of its rugged high-speed DVRs, the trusted and proven engineering company of DDC designs, manufactures and supports the QSBolt right here in the USA.

Since 2004, DDC has designed, manufactured and sold a full line of ruggedized, FPGA-based, Video and Advanced Data Recorders, originally branded VAADR®. DDC VAADR has evolved from a 32GB SSR product in 2004 to QSBolt, the latest addition to the VAADR product family. With QSBolt, DDC has delivered a very high-bandwidth device in a small, rugged, dense package.

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