Russian Hacker Is A Suspect For The 2012 LinkedIn Breach


Russian-hacker Russian Hacker Is A Suspect For The 2012 LinkedIn BreachThe professional social networking company LinkedIn said that the Russian hacker arrested in the Czech Republic recently was involved in the 2012 Data breach at LinkedIn. The company said they were been working with the FBI to track the culprit who allegedly exposed 167 million hashed passwords. FBI in its effort to track the culprit believed to be responsible for the criminal activity was thanked by the LinkedIn team. The full range of the incident was exposed earlier this year even though the company knows about this since 2012. The password was being sold from the 2012 hack by a hacker and in the process got caught. The company invalidates all the passwords that they think are at risk as many of them are been hashed with an older algorithm which was easy to crack.


The suspected Russian hacker’s arrest video has been released by the Czech police where he was identified as 1987 born Yevgeniy N. the hacker collapsed briefly after arrest and was hospitalized even though there was no incident during the arrest. The Russian govt. is demanding that he be returned to his home country, however, there is a chance of him being deported to the US.