Samsung Acquired Joyent for Cloud Hosting Services

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shutterstock_416365276-900x506-300x129 Samsung Acquired Joyent for Cloud Hosting ServicesThe cloud hosting market is a growing every day. Joyent is a dynamic but occult entertainer in the cloud business with a lot of history behind is acquired by Samsung this week. Hosting services that allow businesses to run their software on the cloud is sold by Joyent. This service is different from those of Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure. Although Joyent boasted clients like Adobe, but it is best known for promoting Node.Js, which is one of the most important and popular software development platform.

Samsung sales are festering because of budget-minded rivals. To get back the upper hand again in the market Samsung just can’t focus on hardware anymore. So Samsung acquired Joyent to give Samsung its own cloud Infrastructure for hosting services like Samsung Pay.

Jacopo Lenzi, a senior VP at Samsung GIC said, “As Samsung is increasingly focusing on software and services as part of its offering to users, it’s very important to build out our internal capabilities in cloud, not only in infrastructure but also in great talent,”

“Samsung will provide the boast that Joyent needed to survive in this world”, Joyent CEO Scoot Hammond said.

Joyent was instituted in 2004 but has never gained the recognition as Amazon and Google in the world of cloud even after revolutionizing a number of new technologies.