Samsung Galaxy S8 might feature a UHD4K display with800 PPI

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Samsung-Galaxy-S8-might-feature-a-UHD4K-display-with800-PPI-300x129 Samsung Galaxy S8 might feature a UHD4K display with800 PPISamsung the electronics giant is famous for its S series smartphones. Their current running S series model is the S7&S7 Edge. Both the models feature Quad HD super AMOLED displaywith1440x2650resolution, which is curved in the later model, and9.6 times better than the first S series model with a 480×800 resolution. According to a report, the next S series might feature a 4KUHD display.

The company adopted HD display from the third model of S series that is the S3. Which is improved to FHD in S4&S5,S6&S7 saw a Quad HD display. Although the company had a few 6-inch devices in its portfolio, but for the premium models the display size remained in the 5-inch range. According to this analysis, it is expected that the S8 might support a UHD display with an 800 PPI resolution.

At 2016 SID Samsung exhibited a 5.5 inch, UHD4K display with an 806 PPI and considering the evolution rate of displays this particular unit might go intoS8.

Samsung’s AMOLED displays are one of the best in the market. The users might expect a Smartphone with bendable display in coming years from the Electronics giant.