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Samsung Negotiating With Lenovo For PC Business Sale

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Samsung-Negotiating-With-Lenovo-For-PC-Business-Sale-300x129 Samsung Negotiating With Lenovo For PC Business SaleThe Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics is conversing with the Chinese counterpart Lenovo regarding the deal of its PC business mentioned a report. Samsung wants to sell its PC business to the world’s largest PC vendor Lenovo. If the Samsung-Lenovo deal got approved it is expected to follow the deal of Samsung’s printing business to the United States company HP for over $1 billion that was approved in October. Printing and PC should be measured to be from the same group and it was the likely next step to selling its PC business as well the report quoted a senior executive. The business that the company believes are not essential for its roadmap and unprofitable as well are being sold by the company. The report also mentioned it is yet unclear about the confirmation of the deal with Lenovo despite months of negotiation.


Sales of desktop PCs and notebooks are on a decline since the emergence of smartphones. Both the markets are on a constant decline since past two years. Samsung is been acquiring new companies like Harman, auto component maker and Viv, voice assistant developer based on AI while at the same time the company is selling some of its unprofitable businesses. The company is also focusing on IoT and component business as well.