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Samsung Pay Mini Launched

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Samsung-Pay-Mini-Launched-300x129 Samsung Pay Mini LaunchedSamsung Electronics has announced the Samsung Pay Mini that will offer online payment service for the smartphones powered Android. While Apple Pay faces system overload post its launch in Japan, Samsung is expanding to three new countries. The new app tobe launched within the first quarter will allow non-Samsung Android phones to take advantage of Samsung Pay services such as lifestyle, membership, transportation and lifestyle. However, non-Samsung phones will not be able to take advantage of the offline payment support as this uses specific hardware designed by Samsung to read the magstripes. At least an HD display and Android 5.0 and above enabled smartphone will be able to exploit this feature. The demo version will be available for download from Google Play Store in Korea as the company is starting a pre-launch trial from February 6. Even though the launch dates in other countries are being discussed, the final announcement is yet to be made.

Connecting the famous local shopping malls will be connected directly with the new feature called Shopping that will be updated to the Samsung Pay and Samsung Pay Mini in South Korea confirms the tech giant. Based on points a new rewards feature will also be added.