Samsung Supports Google towards RCS messaging

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Samsung_Supports_Google_towards_RCS_messaging-300x151 Samsung Supports Google towards RCS messagingGoogle gets more support from Samsung for developing a next-generation text messaging standard application. The Android OS designers hope for Rich Communication Services (RCS), which upgrades the SMS services towards the content swapping that can provide its fragmented Android eco-system.

But the major task evolved there is, how many Android devices are out there and Google needs the entire industry to follow it regarding support of RCS. Google accelerated work towards RCS in April when it pulled resources from the standalone where they let the Allo messaging app to keep focussing on trying to acquire more support for next-generation messaging app

A RCS Specialist stated that from three years on it’s we build ambitious talk of building ‘the future of messaging’
The latest Google-backed RCS development service announced a statement via press release to say that they acquired an “expanded collaboration” between Mountain View and Samsung. They also mentioned that their respective message clients will “work seamlessly and efficiently with each and every company’s RCS technology that also includes cloud and business messaging platforms.

Google can still pick enough flagship devices and send them to markets keeping in view of supporting RCS technology that might have figured critical messaging so that it becomes enough to stack against Apple’s iMessage. So they tied up with Samsung who manufactures high-end devices that are most often contending with iPhones and earns consumers cash that definitely helps to its strategy.