Samsung’s New SSD weighs less than a Dime

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Samsung’s-New-SSD-weighs-less-than-a-Dime-300x129 Samsung’s New SSD weighs less than a DimeImagine an SSD weighing less than a dime. Samsung the leading mobile and TV company in the world is now mass-producing the world’s smallest 512 GB PCIe SSD that weighs less than a dime and comes I single ball grid array package.

Manufactured by a combination of 16 of Samsung’s 48 layers 256 GB N-NAND Flash chips, 20 nm 4GBLPDDR4 mobile DRAM chip & a high-performance controller from Samsung the PM971-NVMe SSD is aimed at ultra-thin notebooks. “With a little larger than a postal stamp this single package SSD and a volume of a hundredth of a 2.5 in form factor creates a possibility and design flexibility for computer device manufacturers”, Samsung said.

“This new product will allow manufacturers to timely lunch slimmer devices and keep pace with technology”, said Jung-bae Lee, senior vice president of Samsung’s Memory Product Planning & Application Engineering Team, in a statement.

“The PM971-NVMe SSD easily surpasses the speeds of traditional SSDs that use the SATA6Gbps interface and enable PM971-NVMe to achieve a read and write speeds of upto1,500MBps and 900MBps respectively.A 5GB equivalent Full HD video can be transferred in about 3 seconds and downloaded in about 6 seconds,” added Samsung.

ThePM971-NVMe SSD uses Samsung’s TurboWrite technology, to achieve its level of performance.TurboWrite creates a high-performance write buffer to which receives the new data, which is transferred to the actual SSD memory later.

The 512 GB PM971 SSD will also be available in 256 GB and 128 GB versions. “Our Computer making customers will start receiving this new product by the end of this month,” said Samsung.