San Francisco-Based Tech Startup Transposit To Manage Users’ Cluttered APIs, Secures USD 12.2 Million In Funding

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San-Francisco-Based_Tech-Startup-Transposit-To-Manage-Users’-Cluttered-APIs-Secures-USD-12.2-Million San Francisco-Based Tech Startup Transposit To Manage Users’ Cluttered APIs, Secures USD 12.2 Million In FundingTransposit, which simplifies how applications are developed, deployed, and managed, and brings the simplicity of a relational database to users’ diverse data environment, has secured USD 12.2 million in series A funding round. The fresh capital will help the company to manage users’ cluttered APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). The funding round was led by Sutter Hill Venture, with additional participation from SingleFire and Unusual Ventures. With this round, Transposit’s total valuation has reached to USD 15.5 million.

Co-founded in the year 2016 by Apple, Google, and Twitter veteran Tina Huang and former Delphix CTO Adam Leventhal, Transposit empower developers to create API-reliance applications effortlessly with the world’s first ‘API composition’ platform. According to Twitter veteran Tina Huang, everyone has been concentrated on making it easier to connect APIs, which significantly solve the issues, but only address a small piece of the problem. It works effectively when a user tries to bring together those APIs to develop constructive applications. Since there’s been no standard approach to compose, developers monotonously connect together pieces in what often looks like spaghetti code. However, the company built the Transposit composition platform to serve as the missing universal translation layers that offer developers clean developing blocks with which to compose APIs.

Based in San Francisco, Transposit implements relational databases to assist bring systemize to incongruent APIs. The company’s Java backend simply converts standard SQL into optimized execution against APIs, where developers build applications that can be shared with a large number of Transposit community and reused. The survey further revealed that the average U.S. developer utilizes at least 18 APIs to power their applications, and every year, approximately 2,000 new APIs are published.