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San Jose Airport Is featuring Customer Service Robots

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San-Jose-Airport-Is-featuring-Customer-Service-Robots-300x129 San Jose Airport Is featuring Customer Service RobotsMineta San Jose International Airport wants to make sure that the travelers know about the Silicon Valley is synonymous with high-tech and innovation.  In introducing the customer service robots Silicon Valley travel hub is first in the United States. The three robotic girls provide travelers with directions to shopping and dining destinations along with some entertainment at gate number 11, 21 and 25. Rosemary Barnes, a public information manager at San Jose airport said in a statement that it is very significant for Silicon Valley’s airport to offer services for our tourists that are iconic to our region and they are in a process to create a sense of place. Their names Amelia, Norma, and Piper are after Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic, Norman Mineta is a former U.S. Secretary of Transportation and Commerce and the airport’s namesake and William Piper, is the founder of well-known Piper Aircraft company respectively.


The airport’s concessionaires financed the $120,000 project and for them, the robots act as an innovative form of marketing. The amine look of the trio was from the South Korean manufacturer, Future Robots and the intelligence was from 22 Miles from Silicon Valley. As of now, the activities that robots perform is limited to showing directions and maps, dancing and taking selfies but customers have already started suggesting ideas for more activities.