San Jose on track with its Smart City Initiatives

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San-Jose-on-track-with-its-Smart-City-Initiatives San Jose on track with its Smart City InitiativesSan Jose city officials, who have already, in 2016, announced their vision to make San Jose, the “America’s most innovative city by 2020,” have yet again, in collaboration with AT&T executives, announced their tech trailblazer plan to uplift the smart city status for San Jose, while also simultaneously tackling the city’s digital divide.

Reports suggest that nearly three out of 10 residents in the city are still deprived of home broadband access. With this AT&T and city partnership, that’s worth more than $1 million, the Dallas-based telco has announced donations worth $200,000 to address the city’s digital divide, as well as extended its help to deploy smart city technologies in the city’s 14 parks. The San Jose smart city initiative will be incorporating some 670 smart lighting controllers, 550 LEDs, over 100 Wi-Fi extenders, and 15 digital infrastructure nodes.

By deploying the FirstNet – public safety communications – platform, in collaboration with AT&T, to all public safety personnel and emergency response staff, San Jose became the first city in the entire US to ever do so.

In its statement, AT&T claimed its FirstNet deployment was way “ahead of schedule with more than 600,000 connections across more than 7,250 public safety agencies.”

According to Ray Riordan, Director – San Jose Office of Emergency Management, “We can’t predict when the next emergency will strike, but with FirstNet, we can be better prepared to respond, recover and keep our people safe.”

With the FirstNet deployment, multiple government agencies – the police and fire departments, the city manager’s office, the office of emergency management, the San Jose International Airport, and several other offices – can easily co-relate with one another to ensure the safety and security of the city.