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Sanovi Technologies A Hybrid Cloud Firm Acquired By IBM

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Sanovi-Technologies-A-Hybrid-Cloud-Firm-Acquired-By-IBM-300x129 Sanovi Technologies A Hybrid Cloud Firm Acquired By IBMIn order to boost the company’s hybrid cloud disaster recovery facilities, IBM has acquired Sanovi Technologies. With Sanovi’s advanced analytics to meet complexities of hybrid environments, IBM’s capabilities will be enhanced said Big Blue while announcing the deal on Wednesday. However, the financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Sanovi Technologies, which was based in Bangalore, India, has a history of over a decade of working with SMBs and enterprise players through providing IT recovery solution and cloud migration. However, the DRM (Disaster Recovery Management) of Sanovi that is of attention to IBM.


Nowadays organizations to influence networking, cloud technology and data centers commendably, disaster management procedures must be in place to lessen provision disturbance should anything go the other way. The current DRM solution will be augmented and client workflow will be simplified with the help of Sanovi’s software. The software will also reduce operational cost, recovery time and drill testing time along with automating the disaster recovery process. Martin Jetter, senior VP of IBM’s global technology service said in a statement that their clients are adapting the digitized world and the applications need to be always-on. Sanovi being a cloud-native company will strengthen the flexibility portfolio of IBM and manage the wide range of applications.