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SAP Adds Support to BusinessObject Cloud

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SAP-Adds-Support-to-BusinessObject-Cloud-300x129 SAP Adds Support to BusinessObject CloudSupport for Big Data sources and machine learning has been added by SAP to its cloud BusinessObjects like Google BigQuery, SparkSQL, and Amazon Redshift as well as interfaces such as the SAP Digital Boardroom and Microsoft’s Surface Hub. A year after SAP launched an initiative to transfer analytics products and BusinessObjects to the cloud comes the news, sketched at SAP’s TechEd conference in Barcelona. The Business Objects Cloud apprises are intended to add more Big Data and local sources to the mix said Nic Smith, global vice president of product marketing at SAP. SAP’s BusinessObjects has a less percentage of customers using cloud and most of them are on-premises Smith added. Building a bridge for dual hybrid tactics is the strategy including innovating on-premises and in the cloud.


With offers like live connections to SAP BW and S/4HANA in early 2017, BusinessObjects Cloud will connect to public machine learning services. SAP Fieldglass, Workforce and SuccessFactor data connectors will also be available. Algorithms in the background to advise visualizations and offer insights on items like cost of goods, products at risk and more business content in the form of templates was on the BusinessObjects said, Smith.