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SAP & Aspire Academy’s Partnership Enables Sports Talent

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SAP-Aspire-Academy’s-Partnership-Enables-Sports-Talent-300x129 SAP & Aspire Academy’s Partnership Enables Sports TalentAspire Academy is a symbol of Qatar’s ambition in sports. Sports scientists and Boasting coaches from around the world and one of the best training facility in the world. SAP and Aspire Academy have announced a historic partnership in Qatar in June 2016. For a knowledge-driven youth athlete academy and a global leading technology company, the partnership stands for a strong commitment. Not only to SAP and Aspire but to the world of sports with team development by modernizing sports performance, analytics and data managements and prime emphasis on young athletes the association targets to deliver a significant contribution.


The idea is to exploit performance data in a revolutionary way to unlock innovative methods to develop sports talent. Aspire has invested in many science and performance technologies. Data points added from the information ecosystem at any given week including training sessions, matches, assessments and more is significant. Allowing sports scientists, coaches, and management the access of this information in real-time has become a critical requirement for the aspire academy. Motivating and visually appealing information for the young athletes by bringing together information from sources from outside and inside of the organization was a serious success factor for the Aspire. They also applied for performance planning and sport results data, sports science, medical, and academics input, in addition to data from the leagues, clubs and federations of the sports to which they belong.