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SAP Big Band, A Work Of Art

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SAP-Big-Band-A-Work-Of-Art-300x129 SAP Big Band, A Work Of ArtSAP Big Band has an astonishing musical power and rich sound. “Wanted Big Band” is the ad posted by Edda Seitz, new on the job at SAP in 1996. It could not have been guessed at that time these few words will create the 20 years of marvel. She added we have decided to form our own Big Band after many musicians responded but were unknown about Big Band. Today’s group sees itself as a family if not very good friends with the many of the initial musicians still on board. From their shared hobby, they have grown a relationship and each value the mutual trust among the rest. Playing in the band motivates them, after all, it’s all about music.


Every Wednesday the assemblage meet for a practice session and exchange pleasantries’. Ralf Hübel said it is not always easy when you have a lot of tension in your bones as being a trumpet player he knows the significance of posture for correct breathing technique. Ralf also looks after the management side of the team being one of the co-founders of the band. Thomas being a professional musician and a jazz trumpeter has been the musical mastermind of the band since last 15 years.


Tough rehearsals, Years of hard work and a shared passion for music has made the Big Band a successful work of art.