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SAP HANA Is Now Available In An Offline PC Mode

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SAP-HANA-Is-Now-Available-In-An-Offline-PC-Mode-300x129 SAP HANA Is Now Available In An Offline PC ModeSAP Announced a New SAP HANA Express Edition targeting to prototype application on the platform and make it modest to experiment with SAP HANA. SAP HANA is a memory platform that developers can download and use on their laptops and desktops for free or can also use in the cloud. Marie Goodell, vice president, SAP HANA Platform Marketing said “It is a smaller streamlined version of SAP HANA”. The personal computer that the developers feel comfortable with can be equipped with this platform.


Production applications that use up to 32 GB of memory can be developed, tested and deployed for free and can also be upgraded for free as well with the new express edition of SAP HANA. A single platform can be used to deliver applications, database, and advanced analytics services.


A new personal edition of SAP WEB IDE (Integrated Development Environment) was also been announced by SAP. The SAP WEB IDE features a planned automatic synchronization upon connection to the cloud. To complement the WEB IDE the company has also released a new SDK (Software Development Kit) with support for the quick creation of new application templates and incorporation of the partner tools into the WEB IDE.


Some features of the IDE personal edition include

  • Provides the developer to work even when disconnected from the internet.
  • Testing and evaluation can also be done. Even with a paid subscription productive offline development for the customer can be accomplished.
  • For offline development, it can be installed on a personal computer.