SAP Hybris Smarten Up The Beer Shelf

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hybris SAP Hybris Smarten Up The Beer ShelfAccording to the Brewers Association Craft Brewer, produced 24.5 million barrels, which represents a 21 percent share in the market with a retail value estimated at $22.3 billion last year. Chief economist Brewers association, Bart Watson mentioned in a statement with a double-digit growth for eight of those years Craft Brewers have charged the market since last decade. He added there are a lot of areas and opportunities for additional growth. As small and self-regulating brewer’s carry on to lead the local full flavored beer movement an important focus will remain on quality.


There is an app for finding the right flavor among so many different flavors and styles to choose from for the discerning beer lovers. Dubbed SAP Hybris app will help the beer lovers find what they are looking for. Based on a short questionnaire that the user fills up the beer shelf will light up with some suggestions. The shelf will be connected to an app is demonstrated by SAP Hybris Americas Summit and sponsored by Heineken. Nick Wood said while bringing the best of both worlds together SAP Hybris is digitizing the physical retail space for consumers. Obtaining data in both of these worlds is what important for retailers.