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SAP Makes It To #20 Of The Fit For Purpose List

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SAP-Makes-It-To-20-Of-The-Fit-For-Purpose-List-300x129 SAP Makes It To #20 Of The Fit For Purpose ListOnly if they go further than earnest words to show, how purpose translates into impact said RadlyYelder (RY). Brand with purpose can make a huge difference by alluring people to be part of something bigger. They are bringing customers, investors and employees on board in order to turn ambitions into actions. They are ultimately creating business success and benefit society and individuals by fulfilling their purpose. To educate, communicate and inspire personnel regarding making an impact in global scale and improve billions of people is what SAP committed and is being noticed. In the list of top 100 most purposeful brands in the world, by RY’s Fit for purpose index, SAP moved two places forward at the launch event of Fit for Purpose in London in 2016. The company has moved to #20 from #22, which was awarded last year. SAP mentioned they have maintained their position ahead of Cisco, IBM, Facebook, HP, Google and Microsoft as the top technology company listed on the list.


The purpose, performance, communication and behavior are the four things a company needs to be ranked the fittest in the Fit for Purpose list. According to Valerie Keller EY’s strategy executive director and EY Beacon Institute global leader for both smaller and bigger companies, the purpose will lead to better growth opportunities.  Purpose led brands are more prosperous in retaining and acquiring customers. Although it may sound like the intuitive sense that people do business with the ones they trust and buy stuff that make themselves feel good but is actually backed by behavioral science.