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SAP S/4HANA Aids Hershey To Transform Their Way Of Business

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SAP-S4HANA-Aids-Hershey-To-Transform-Their-Way-Of-Business-300x129 SAP S/4HANA Aids Hershey To Transform Their Way Of BusinessThe Hershey Company has been making chocolates for more than 100 years now and our families have grown to love them over time. In order to meet the changing needs of the customers, the company has added snacks, candies, and confectionaries to its portfolio. The tradition of Hershey’s have gone beyond creating new products and it implicates reimagined processes and systems. To continue growing in today’s marketplace it takes innovation and evolution, this concept the company understands. J.P. Bilbrey, Chairman, President, and CEO of The Hershey Company said how the company relies on insights and knowledge to make business decisions in order to win in the today’s market. To provide an unremitting flow of information to employees through the company Hershey’s has started a journey.


Bilbrey said, “We want to win and Enterprise connectivity is going to be the single most important thing to do so”. During the 35+ years spent in the industry, he had experienced remarkable changes in the world of consumer products. He added the speed at which these things are happening is even more dramatic. In the live business world, access to information allows you to act on insights at an equal pace. A company’s information and its talent typically span the entire enterprise believed Bilbrey. Insights as such already help Hershey tweak its recipe for market triumph. “We use SAP S/4HANA in our supply chain where we’ve been able to impact how we think about the portfolio, how we acquire goods, and how they move through our system,” says Bilbrey.