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SAP, Stratasys Join Teams To Accelerate 3D Printing Co-Innovations

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SAP-Stratasys-Join-Teams-To-Accelerate-3D-Printing-Co-Innovations-300x129 SAP, Stratasys Join Teams To Accelerate 3D Printing Co-InnovationsA global network of 3D printing co-innovation labs to educate and enable employees, customers and partners towards the adoption of preservative manufacturing as an essential part of the manufacturing production line has been announced by SAP SE. Uncovered in union with charter co-innovation partner Stratasys Ltd. the 3D printing and additive manufacturing Solutions Company. More than 40 years of experience of SAP in the industry is the base of this initiative. Across Walldorf, Paris, Palo Alto, Newton Square (Pennsylvania) and Johannesburg co-innovation sites, and digital manufacturing sites are being rolled out. Pat Carey, senior vice president, Sales, North America, Stratasys said the incredible value that distributed manufacturing brings to customers’ supply chains is a common vision of the two companies. For planning, production, certification, and procurement 3D printing be seamlessly integrated with enterprise workflows in order to harness the potential fully.


Stratasys’ 3D printing solution and service ecosystem with SAP’s leadership in these areas can be combined with the participation in this initiative. In making the 3D printing a valuable part of digital manufacturing are the intentions of the SAP distributed manufacturing applications. Services linked to SAP Distributed Manufacturing link 3D printing to acquainted business processes to help producers accomplish production and logistical cost savings while reducing complex supply chain issues.