Sargent & Greenleaf unveils new Digital Vault Locks for High-Security scenarios

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Sargent-Greenleaf-unveils-new-Digital-Vault-Locks-for-High-Security-scenarios Sargent & Greenleaf unveils new Digital Vault Locks for High-Security scenariosSargent & Greenleaf (S&G), a Nicholasville, Kentucky-based manufacturer of mechanical and electronic locks, as per recent reports last week, has unveiled its new Digital Vault Lock.

The Digital Vault Lock is basically an electronic time lock that by utilizing a secure online interface and user-friendly software, ensures increased flexibility and security for convenient vault access, according to the company.

The lock, with attack-resistant lock case equipped with enhanced features, safeguards against a variety of intruder threats such as vibration, bouncing, and punching attacks to break in, which makes it an ideal choice for applications in financial institutions.

With the ability to assign up to four independent time lock schedules for up to 100 users, along with providing users with the ability to retrieve up to 1,000 time-and date-stamped audit events with a USB connection from the lock, the Digital Vault Lock, allows increasing shift coverage without overriding security and can be customized for a single user, dual user, or manager use.

“With S&G’s Digital Platform features and benefits continuing to evolve, the Digital Vault Lock will provide our customers with additional flexibility and security for a smarter and faster vault access lock,” states Keith Deaton, COO of Sargent and Greenleaf. “The auditing capabilities along with the scheduling and management features of this lock, make it possible for banks to have a digital vault security option.”