SAS Cybersecurity to strengthen enterprise security with ‘white box’ AI

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SAS-Cybersecurity-to-strengthen-enterprise-security-with-white-box-AI SAS Cybersecurity to strengthen enterprise security with 'white box' AIThe year 2018, with its ceaseless data breaches involving once-trusted brands, stands witness as it underpins the dire need for organizations to reassess their information security, and enforce strict security infrastructure. SAS® Cybersecurity, a security analytics solution, monitors network and device behavior highlighting abnormalities and further fortifies defenses that far exceeds capabilities of existing technologies.

According to Stu Bradley, Vice President of Fraud and Security Intelligence at SAS, the global industry spent over $114 billion last year, these figures clearly point out that the data breach epidemic isn’t the result of industry apathy or inaction. Continuing with facts and figures Bradley said that the average enterprise employs 75 different security products to safeguard their networks, but the irony of these diverse security products is that this patchwork which was meant to safeguard networks from attacks actually causes more vulnerabilities.

Often disparate and siloed security solutions lead to a fragmented view of risk, creating visibility gaps, allowing certain security events to go unnoticed, increasing the likelihood of security vulnerabilities. SAS Cybersecurity gathers data from these disjointed locations and unifies this data and analytic capabilities into a single AI-optimized and machine learning-enhanced hub.

The software with its industry-tested and proven advanced data analytic algorithms and open transparent, white box architecture is capable of delivering intuitiveness into developed and deployed environment specific AI models. The end results are accurate insights that distinctly point out security threats and risks to enable enterprises, prioritize remediation.