Seagate Upgraded BarraCuda Lineup of Hard Drives


BarraCuda Seagate Upgraded BarraCuda Lineup of Hard DrivesConsidering looks SSD wins over conventional hard drives hands down, but while storage is considered the BarraCuda lineup of hard drives from Seagate are the champions. In the 2.5-inch segment, the company has announced a couple of new hard drives of which one hold the record of being the largest in this category. Priced at around $85 the BarraCuda ST5000 upgrades the capacity to 5TB from 4TB. In January 2016 the company has unveiled a 1 TB per platter design and this design is incorporated into the new HDDs. A 4Tb and 3TB model of the same drive is also available.
All the drives have 128 MB cache and are of 5400 rpm with 2 years of warranty. While idle, the drives will consume 1.1 watts of power and while under load the consumption will raise to 2.1 watts. All the 3TB, 4TB and 5TB drives are 15 mm thick and are targeted at the kind of systems, which can’t accommodate the 3.5-inch drives such as super-thin all-in-ones. The company has also announced another BarraCuda ST2000LM015, a 5400 rpm drive with a 7 mm form factor and 2TB capacity.
Drive manufacturers are losing ground in this form factor to the SSDs and Samsung’s 850EVO is holding the record largest consumer SATA drive.