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Search Ads will Appear in App Store

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Search-Ads-will-Appear-in-App-Store-300x129 Search Ads will Appear in App StoreWith a little price, included Apple has introduced a new way for the developers to of iOS apps to promote their apps in App Store. Starting October 5 search ads will live in the App Store announced Apple. The app developers can create an ad to show in search results in the US App Store said Apple in an e-Mail to the iOS app developers. A $100 credit will be awarded to the developer who will sign up for the campaign.


The ad for the app will be featured at the top of the search result. Based on various targeting features the developers can create their search ads which include gender, location, age and popular keywords. These features will aid the developers to target the right audience group. The only condition is the developer has to pay if someone actually downloads their apps. And the developers are also free to stop the campaign anytime they feel like.


The company revealed that 65 percent of the app downloads are made directly from search results in the App Store. The discovery of lesser-known apps will be discovered through this scheme is what Apple expecting. The company is also focusing on relevance as a way to control the big advertisers to take over this campaign. According to the ad page on Apple’s website the showing of ads in a search result is irrelevant of the money paid if the search criteria are not based on that topic.