Secoo Enters Into Strategic Partnership Agreement With Oracle

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Secoo_Enters_Into_Strategic_Partnership_Agreement_With_Oracle Secoo Enters Into Strategic Partnership Agreement With OracleSecoo, Asia’s largest online retailer of luxury goods, in a recent statement, announced its strategic partnership with Oracle Corp. in China to launch a new office automation system.

The partnership agreement directs Oracle, the largest enterprise-level software company in the world, to implement it’s cloud solutions for Secoo’s ERP and HCM management systems in collaboration with Accenture, one of the leading global management consulting and professional services firm. The new automation system, based on China’s data protection privacy rules and regulations and combined with Accenture’s management consulting service, aims to improve Secoo’s technical capability, operating efficiency, and cross-border business management. The partnership will ultimately speed up Secoo’s portfolio to expand worldwide.

According to Li Rixue, the Founder and CEO of Secoo Group, the company’s luxury lifestyle platform is a one-stop shop for over 20 million high-end consumers all over the world. The partnership will enhance efficient accounting processes, integrated business, and financial systems, and provide unrivaled productivity, which is critical for an e-commerce company—while Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle ERP Cloud, and Oracle SCM Cloud ensure them an improved global presence to deliver a better work environment.

With the new system, Secoo’s employees will experience an enhanced ERP and HCM management systems. Additionally, Oracle will keep implementing various kernel cutting-edge technologies into Secoo’s strategic development. Oracle will also leverage AI technology for data analysis and intelligent operation to overcome the data barriers bottleneck between departments and build multi-dimensional business management.