Secoo Partners with Oracle To Utilize Oracle’s Cloud-based Solutions To Offer Constant and Better Lifestyle Service

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Secoo_Partners_with_Oracle_To_Utilize_Oracle’s_Cloud-based_Solutions_To_Offer_Constant_and_Better_Lifestyle_Service Secoo Partners with Oracle To Utilize Oracle’s Cloud-based Solutions To Offer Constant and Better Lifestyle ServiceSecoo, Asia’s largest luxury e-commerce platform, announced a strategic partnership with Oracle to introduce a new office automation system, advancing Secoo’s strategy development and improving their technology.

Through this partnership, the largest enterprise-level software company in the world Oracle will employ Oracle’s Cloud solutions for Secoo’s ERP and HCM management systems together with Accenture. Based on China’s data protection privacy regulations and combined with Accenture’s management consulting service, the latest system will advance Secoo’s technical competence, operating efficiency, and cross-border business management and eventually accelerate their globalization strategy. The Founder and CEO of Secoo Group, Li Rixue stated that his company’s luxury lifestyle platform serves as a one-stop shop for their over 20 million high-end clients globally. He further said that this collaboration will improve efficient account processes, incorporated businesses, and financial systems, and offer unrivaled productivity that is grave for the company. While Oracle Cloud platform, Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM cloud allow Secoo to deliver a better work environment to enhance the company’s global strategy profile. The new-fangled system allows Secoo’s workforce to experience better ERP and HCM management systems.

Oracle, in addition, will keep up to deploy an array of kernel cutting-edge technologies into Secoo’s strategic development. The software company will also employ AI data analysis and intelligent operation to break through the data blockades between departments and set up multi-dimensional business management. Furthermore, utilizing Blockchain tech, Machine Learning, IOT, and mobile applications, Secoo will boost their credibility. The cooperation among Secoo, Oracle and Accenture will give power to Secoo’s dominant position in the luxury e-commerce industry and advance Secoo’s digital capabilities.