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Secure Mobile Communication Platform Developed And Offered By Blackberry

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Secure-Mobile-Communication-Platform-Developed-And-Offered-By-Blackberry-300x129 Secure Mobile Communication Platform Developed And Offered By BlackberryA new line of businesses was been announced by Blackberry on Tuesday that will help the developers with a cloud-based, secure, mobile communication platform that can be used for texting, video, file sharing, and voice. Using a new BBM enterprise SDK (Software Developer Kit) developers can implement these capabilities into their existing customs app. As a per-user license on a subscription basis to independent software vendors and to developers including those employed at enterprises. The company didn’tsay anything about the cost of the license however, they did notify that it will be affordable while compared to the communications products from opponents that typically charge on based onvoice calls, video calls, and texts. For apps running on iOS and Android, the SDK will be available worldwide later in the month of February.


Frank Cotter, vice president of enterprise products, in a conference call said, the new BlackBerry platform will permit physicians who text patient information to stay inside the necessities of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Marty Beard, chief operating officer of BlackBerry with the partnership program that the company and the developers are functioning with has created more than 4,000 third-party enterprise apps. The new SDK promises to build on those apps, he said.