SecureRF now a member of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)

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SecureRF-now-a-member-of-the-Global-Semiconductor-Alliance-GSA SecureRF now a member of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)SecureRF Corporation, a Shelton, Connecticut-based IoT public-key authentication solutions provider, as per recent reports, has joined the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), as a member. Furthermore, SecureRF has also accepted an invitation to participate in the GSA IoT Security Working Group.

The GSA IoT Security Working Group was established in late 2018 with the idea to help address end-to-end security issues in IoT devices. The working group, comprised of chipset vendors, platform companies, cloud vendors and service providers, focuses on promoting IoT security best practices, share relevant information on threats and attacks with the whole industry, define security requirements for next-gen IoT devices, and inform standards bodies.

“SecureRF is an acclaimed innovator in the industry addressing quantum resistant IoT security threats with its unique cryptographic technology platform and solutions,” stated Shrikant Lohokare, Ph.D., SVP and Executive Director, GSA. “It is great to have SecureRF on the GSA IoT Security Working Group bringing that expertise that I am sure will go into making high-value contributions to various projects being undertaken and generating robust end-to-end security guidelines for benefit of all actors in the IoT ecosystem.”

Louis Parks, CEO, SecureRF, said, “As a solution provider, we are eager to bring a complementary perspective to our semiconductor partners on what it takes to deliver device-to-device security – from provisioning to life-cycle management.” Adding further, Parks added, “We are pleased to join GSA in its mission to support standards-making organizations with insights on the full range of devices being deployed, their security risks and methods available to make them secure. Through this important work, we also plan to help provide decision-making support to product manufacturers as they beef up security on a wide range of devices at the edge of the IoT.”