“See What’s Next For Windows 10” Is Microsoft’s Next Event

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windows-10-1 “See What’s Next For Windows 10” Is Microsoft’s Next Event
Microsoft holding an event at the end of this month in New York is now official. The company is expected to release the new Surface all-in-one PC. A surface themed keyboard and mouse is also crawling the World Wide Web. However, the invitation hasn’t any mention of Surface or even hardware in the event to be held on 26th of October. Rather the invitation mentioned, “See what’s next for Windows 10”. This implied some sort of tactical update to the company’s software initiatives. The company is playing it close to the vest with the invitation. They have also leveled the event with the obligatory hashtag “#MicrosoftEvent”.


The new surface is going to be meaningful enough. What is the future of Microsoft hardware is a more meaningful question, though. The company is scheduled to release its Redstone OS update early next year. A sneak peeks into the future is expected regarding the features as well as its strategies for Windows 10 going forward. Part of that includes Windows 10’s part, as “the last Windows,” so will Microsoft pledge to a scheduled releases?


Will support for Windows 10 eventually run out? How will Microsoft validate the cost of new licenses? Are a few unanswered questions.