Seebo Intend To Improve The Iot Market

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Seebo-Intend-To-Improve-The-Iot-Market-300x151 Seebo Intend To Improve The Iot MarketDecrypting and seeing if the IoT endures to the promise of vivid improvement for manufacturers is going to be intimidating. Supporting on every step of project development, Seebo promised to help IoT projects easier with an end-to-end solution.

Phase 1- Designing

The sleep cycle data about the client’s sleep cycle can be used in different ways such as to track the sleep pattern and integrate with your alarm. The problem is to know what the manufacturer wants and what their requirement is. Just by embedding behaviors into the products and those behavior data gets converted into the specification for the hardware and this data is fed to the shopping app. The shopping app will then list a number of vendors and price comparison for the user to choose from.


Phase 2- Acquiring

So now that the manufacturer has the data it’s time to find people who can work with sensors and APIs to implement the data into a prototype and test it. Seebo has a solution for this too. Using the embedded data to describe development task and enable manufacturers to share their specification with contractors participating in the Seebo’s marketplace.


Phase 3- Developing

With the things in place, it should be a breeze to land your product in the market or is it? Sensors come with characteristic APIs which often need replacement and reconfiguration. The IoT project integration is even difficult. Seebo found a way for this as well with an IoT simulator. Seebo let developers test against its tools to see if the product will work in the real world.


Phase 4- Deploying

Deploying an app in the IoT environment is not that easy as it sounds. Sticking to conventional wisdom may not just work with this. You will need solid analytic framework when the data actually start flowing in. Seebo said for any IoT analytics framework to work the best way is to integrate and allow users their explanation of choice.