Seed CX, a Chicago-based Crypto Exchange Launches Spot Trading Option, to Woo Institutional Investors

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Seed-CX-a-Chicago-based-Crypto-Exchange-Launches-Spot-Trading-Option-to-Woo-Institutional-Investors Seed CX, a Chicago-based Crypto Exchange Launches Spot Trading Option, to Woo Institutional InvestorsSeed CX, a Chicago-based institutional crypto trading platform, in a recent press release statement on Wednesday, Jan. 23rd 2019, announced spot trading now live for institutional investors.

Institutional investors, who sighting regulatory oversight, and other technicalities and conflicts of interests concerns held back from trading digital assets, can now do so on Seed CX. The platform, which began taking in trading firms in late 2018, has come up with new liquidity solutions to offer the best to investors with minimal slippage. The exchange, through its subsidiaries, allows spot digital asset settlements for institutional investors, and also plans on creating a CFTC-regulated digital asset derivatives market.

With the spot trading option, purchase or sale of fiat currency, financial instrument or commodity will be available for immediate delivery. Further, spot contracts also include the physical delivery of the fiat currency, financial instrument, or commodity.

The exchange is currently offering BTC/USD (Bitcoin to US dollar) pair, and plans to offer Ethereum -ETH/USD, Litecoin -LTC/USD, and Bitcoin Cash -BCH/USD pairs by the end of Jan. 2019. Additionally, the exchange also will be expanding its fiat pairs to the euro (EUR) and Japanese yen (JPY) by mid-Q1 2019.

Earlier this month, the Chicago-based exchange, in association with its settlement subsidiary, Zero Hash, reportedly came up with a new digital asset wallet solution, featuring on-chain settlement. The subsidiary, which has the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)’s, a bureau of the US Dept. of the Treasury, regulatory approval to transact money across 25 US states, is also under review to get a BitLicense, – a business license for using cryptocurrencies, from the Department of Financial Services, state of New York (NYSDFS).