Seed CX Announces Its Digital Wallet Solution Featuring On-Chain Settlement

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Seed-CX-Announces-Its-Digital-Wallet-Solution-Featuring-On-Chain-Settlement Seed CX Announces Its Digital Wallet Solution Featuring On-Chain SettlementSeed CX, a Chicago-based institutional crypto trading platform, in a recent press release on Thursday, Jan. 10th 2019, announced the launch of its new digital asset wallet solution, which features on-chain settlement.

The Chicago-based company, in association with its settlement subsidiary, Zero Hash, reportedly came up with the new wallet solution. The subsidiary, which has the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)’s, a bureau of the US Dept. of the Treasury, regulatory approval to transact money across 25 US states, is also under review to get a BitLicense, – a business license for using cryptocurrencies, from the Department of Financial Services, state of New York (NYSDFS).

According to Edward Woodford, co-founder, and CEO of Seed CX, the company’s focus is on providing the security and stability, institutional investors demand, and the cost-efficiency and performance, large liquidity providers require. With the featured on-chain settlement, Seed CX has something unique, providing traders an experience that is both cost-effective and has high performance, and also providing the operational and financial security investors demand, along the way.

And according to Julie Myers-Wood, a Public Director at Zero Hash, the entity having learned a lot from the shortcomings and failures of other exchanges, including giving participants full visibility into their own unique wallets, but it’s not enough. Zero Hash, with its wide range of operational controls, aims to woo investors with a first-of-its-kind digital asset wallet experience.