Self-Driving Technology Platform Optimus Ride To Deploy Autonomous Shuttle In New York

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Self-Driving_Technology-Platform-Optimus-Ride-To-Deploy-Autonomous-Shuttle-In-New-York Self-Driving Technology Platform Optimus Ride To Deploy Autonomous Shuttle In New YorkOptimus Ride, a Boston-based Self-driving startup, has announced to deploy its autonomous shuttle service in New York. With this move, people within the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a commercial site spanning 300 acres, can experience the self-driving ride. The pre-programmed route will bring passengers from the New York City ferry to the Cumberland Gate at the intersection of Flushing Avenue and Cumberland Street, according to the report.

Powered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Optimus Ride has created a rock-hard reputation for deploying successful self-driving shuttle programs. From the past few years, the startup has introduced fleets of autonomous vehicles in Boston and Reston, Virginia. With the aim of allowing efficient, sustainable, and equitable mobility systems and solutions, Optimus Ride initially will deploy a total of four autonomous shuttles. After that ensuring smooth operation within the Navy Yard, the company is open to expanding its fleet. The company’s autonomous shuttle deployment in New York, each unit is able to carry up to 6 passengers per trip. With this regard to ensure smooth operations, Optimus Ride will work together with CARMERA; a local business at the New Lab in the Navy Yard specializes in high-definition 3D maps for autonomous cars. Through this collaboration, Optimus Ride would take advantage of the precise mapping of the location, which is updated in real-time.

As the report noted, the Navy Yard testing will represent the first commercial autonomous vehicle deployment in the state of New York. CEO and Co-founder of Optimus Ride, Dr. Ryan Chin said that working with leading developments and communities enable us to further our mission to transform mobility. We are well positioned as the leader in self-driving systems for geo-fenced areas. Though, on the brink of the service, human operators will be present inside every autonomous vehicle, wherein every individual are tasked with briefing passengers regarding the ride. Additionally, they will also make sure safety during emergencies.